About Us


Hot Springs Green

A leader of Hot Springs Portable Spas since 1983, Hot Springs Spas of Iowa and the Twin Cities also has deep ties to the agricultural community where we’re known as Agri-bolt, Inc.

Based in Carroll, Iowa since 1968 we’ve developed a solid reputation for delivering high quality products and services – the best in the area.

If you need a relaxing soak after a hard day’s work or just the right clip for your John Deere tractor, we’re here for you.

Our Story

Our stellar reputation began in 1968 when Paul Schaben filled his VW bus with hardware supplies and drove from farm to farm, visiting fairs and agricultural shows offering exactly what was needed throughout the Midwest. He quickly discovered that staying in motels that offered a hot tub was a great way to reduce the pain in his arthritic hip, the one he’d injured working on a farm when he was a teenager. He recognized there were real health benefits to the water activated by jets he could direct pretty much as he pleased.

His goal became to find a spa that could be delivered and set up in less than a day. At that time spas had to be built and assembled piece-by-piece which meant they not only took as long as a month to build, they were terribly expensive. He wanted a way to help more people benefit from hot tubs and spas.

It wasn’t until 1983, that Paul discovered Hot Spring Portable Spas. He was impressed their quality and with how quickly they could be installed. He began to represent that brand, wishing everyone could benefit from them. Paul often said “seeing the smile on the face of the customers who bought Hot Spring Portable Spas gives me more satisfaction than anything else.”

Today we have well over 22,000 satisfied Hot Spring Spa customers throughout Minnesota and Iowa, making us the premier full service spa company in the Midwest. We are proud of our stores and that’s why we name them for the brand of spa we offer. Our staff and well trained service and delivery teams deliver both new and Certified Pre-owned spas. We also offer excellent service programs to our clients.

Paul still owns the company and his family oversees the day-to-day operation. We want everyone to feel good, which is why our goal is to make every customer enjoy both our showrooms and their spas and saunas they choose for their home.